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Soma Floor Seats

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Unique shapes double as chairs and an engaging, larger-than-life puzzle!

Modular seats let students set up a workspace that's ideal for their needs. Use each seat separately to create space between students, or set them side-by-side for group seating. Set up right to use seats with a backrest for extra support, or set them on their side for no back support to work your students' posture and core.

Seats also double as a large, collaborative puzzle that requires students to use their minds and bodies. They work together to assemble the 7 large shapes to recreate a cube. There are over 200 ways to solve the puzzle! This activity builds spatial reasoning skills while applying teamwork and critical thinking. Go beyond building only a cube by incorporating a set of 25 puzzle cards (sold separately). Cards include different shapes to build with the Soma pieces including a tower, tunnel, couch, and more.

Set includes 7 foam shapes covered in lightweight vinyl. Each is a different color and ranges from 32"-48"L. All are 16"W x 16"H. When assembled, the cube is 4' x 4' x 4' and weighs 110 lb.