SmartStair Stair Stepper

Unit:  Ea
Discreet stair stepper includes two unique movements that work your muscles differently!
Easily toggle between vertical stepping and lateral skiing motions to integrate moderate physical activity into the classroom in two unique ways. In stepping mode, students simulate climbing a staircase to engage their core, glutes, and quadriceps. In skiing mode, which has feet sliding to the sides, they can target their hips, too. Both modes strengthen core muscles and teach balance. Place these compact steppers beneath standing desks and teaming tables to stack the countless benefits of classroom activity. Students will not only be standing for better concentration and blood flow, they will be engaging in physical activity for improved class performance and even higher test scores! Smart design keeps students stepping for a long time. TPR feet are friendly on floors, and rubber bumpers beneath pedals protect the stepper's frame for long-lasting use. Students simply adjust the pushpin up or down to engage their preferred method of cycling on the fly. Digital console displays time, reps, calories, strides per minute, and scan, which automatically cycles all data.