Saucer Slam

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Close calls count in this versatile disc game that promotes teamwork and develops motor skills!

Pair students up and give them fun indoor/outdoor disc games that enhances teamwork! One partner tosses while the other can redirect the disc and assist in scoring. Earn 1 point for the disc hitting the outside of the goal off a toss or redirect, 2 points for a redirect slam or goal, or win the game outright with an unassisted toss that lands directly in the goal.

How It’s Played

Saucer Slam is a simple, fun game that can be played indoors or out. Divide students up into teams of two (it’s a 2 versus 2 game). Each teammate stands at an opposite container. One person throws the disc, and the partner attempts to redirect it into the container. Hitting the outside of the goal is worth 1 point, redirecting into the goal is worth 2 points, and an unassisted goal wins he game. You play up to 21 points.

In addition to being a fun, easy game to play, it also encourages teamwork and communication between teammates and classmates.

Get All the Equipment

A single set contains all the equipment you need to play the game: 2 buckets and 2 flying discs. This is a perfect option for smaller groups, as it’s a two on two activity. However, if you want to bring the game to larger groups of players and students, we also offer a set of 4 that can accommodate 16 students at once. The buckets fold flat for easy storage. They measure 17” x 18” x 55”H when they stand up.

Saucer Slam Set Options

Saucer Slam Sets are available in an Individual Set or Set of 4.

  • Individual Set. Includes 2 discs, 2 goals, and activity instructions.
  • Set of 4. Includes 8 discs, 8 goals, and activity instructions.