ReflectED Fidget Balls

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Unit:  Set of 4

Each emoji ball quickly shows students' feelings to teachers!

Differently colored balls with distinct emoji faces represent common emotions and feelings, so teachers can identify a student's mood based on the ball they are holding. The colors and emoji faces encourage social and emotional learning (SEL) and help students to understand and express how they feel. The squeezable 2.5" dia coated foam balls also provide an outlet for pent up energy, allowing students to constructively fidget at their desks for increased concentration. Durable construction is pickproof for long-lasting use. Available in a Set of 4.

Each ball features a unique color and emoji combination that represents common emotions and feelings.

  • Green/Happy. Represents calmness, happiness, focus, and contentment.
  • Blue/Sad. Represents sadness, sleepiness, illness, and boredom.
  • Yellow/Worried. Represents anxiety, stress, frustration, high energy, and silliness.
  • Red/Angry. Represents anger, explosiveness, implosive, panic, grief, and terror.