Recess Pack with Cart

Ships Soon, Estimated Ship Date is 04/11/2023
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Everything you need to keep up to 80 kids active and organized.

Make sure your students have everything they need to enjoy the most active and exciting part of their day: recess! This pack supports a wide range of activities and offers endless possibilities for fun. Everything packs neatly onto a cart for critical organization, easy transportation, and convenient storage.


  • This pack features footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, rubber playground balls, cones and markers, jump ropes, throwing discs, and more!
  • There are enough options to keep kids excited each and every day for recess, keeping their activities fresh and open to change based on the wide variety of equipment.
  • Equipment in this pack is suggested for students of elementary age.

A Range of Activity Options

With 85 pieces of equipment to choose from, students will have no trouble keeping themselves active and occupied for the duration of recess. From ball games to cardio activities, each new day brings a new prospect for students as the recess bell rings and they pick out what they're going to do to enjoy their time outdoors for the day.

Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and utility balls line the racks of the cart, waiting for students to eagerly grab them and get a game going, whether with a partner or an entire group of friends. Students looking for a low-key recess can grab jump ropes, tetherballs, or hoops to keep themselves occupied until the bell rings again. Or, if you're looking to set up fun for larger groups on the playground, use included cones and spots to mark out activity areas—create goals, bases, obstacles, and more for students to utilize during competitions, relay races, and skills tests.

Convenient Storage Solution

To accommodate all 80+ items included in this pack, a convenient cart is also part of the deal. The cart comes equipped with all terrain wheels and a sturdy ABS frame, allowing it to easily traverse curbs and bumpy surfaces as you maneuver it from storage closets to the play area outdoors. While outside, you can count on its resilient design to stand up to the elements in a reliable, sustainable way.

Because everything has its very own spot on the cart, proportioned for easy access and balance maneuverability, you can rest assured that getting things from the storage closet to your students is made as simple as possible. When you park the cart outside students will have no trouble accessing it from all angles, preventing logjams and fighting that can put a damper on recess before it even starts. When class is over students will know to return their equipment to exactly where they got it, facilitating quick and organized cleanup!

Each pack includes:

  • Premium Rainbow® No-Kink® Hoops, 30" dia, Set of 12
  • ClassicCoat™ Versa™ Balls, Set of 4 (2 ea 7”, 8” dia)
  • Rainbow® Performer™ Basketballs, Size 5, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® Performer™ Footballs, Size 3, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® Performer™ Soccer Balls, Size 4, Set of 6
  • Gopher Blue Tetherball, 2 ea
  • Rainbow® Utility Balls, 8.5" dia, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® Spots, 12"dia, Set of 12
  • Rainbow® Vinyl Cones, 12"H, Set of 12
  • Magnus™ All-Terrain Recess Rack, 1 ea
  • Baskets, 2 ea