Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Bags

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This towable mesh storage bag offers an unbeatable combination of durability and visibility.

The most popular large and small mesh bags we offer, Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Bags offer a mixture of durability, accessibility, and organization that makes them ideal for institutional settings. Available in 5 sizes to accommodate all types of activity balls and class sizes, with vibrant Rainbow colors, these bags make set up, take down, and storage a breeze.


  • Small gauge polyester mesh construction.
  • Ventilated construction prevents moisture buildups.
  • Cord closure and sliding lock.
  • Friendly, abrasion-resistant material.
  • Fade and moisture-resistant.

Functional Durability

Perfect for use indoors and out, in wet or dry conditions, these mesh bags offer versatile resilience in the face of heavy institutional demands. The durable small gauge mesh design supports dropping or dragging on abrasive surfaces, without fear of the material wearing thin. Seams secured with a four-thread overlock stitch add durability and tensile strength to the bag, even when they’re filled to the brim with activity balls. The construction of the bags themselves is lightweight, lessening the burden when carrying numerous balls.

Mesh material induces airflow throughout the bag, quickening the evaporation of moisture to prevent mildew and other organic growths that might degrade other storage bags. The see-through nature of the bag also allows teachers and students to see what’s enclosed at a glance, without having to pull bags out and open them.

Numerous Color Options

Available in Rainbow Sets of 6, these bags give teachers access to organizational and accessibility features that keep focus on activity time, instead of setup and cleanup. Designate different color bags for different activity balls for quick convenience—store basketballs in the red bag, soccer balls in the blue bag, and volleyballs in the yellow bag, for example. Teachers can also quickly recognize bags by color when traversing storage, for instant access to the day’s equipment.

Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Bag Options

Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Bags are available in Rainbow Sets in 5 sizes, or individually in 4 sizes.

  • Rainbow Sets of 6
    • Small, 15”L x 12”W
    • Medium, 30”L x 18”W
    • Large, 36”L x 24”W
    • XL, 40”L x 30”W
    • XXL, 45”L x 36”W
  • Individual Bags
    • Medium (holds 2 official basketballs)
    • Large (hold 6 official basketballs)
    • XL (holds 10 official basketballs)
    • XXL (holds 16 official basketballs)
  • Individual Colors
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Black