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Rainbow TuffSport Balls

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Supreme durability and soft, non-intimidating feel makes these a class favorite!

Friendly Ball

Each sport’s ball is designed to not only be tough, but non-intimidating, allowing younger users to learn the basic skills of kicking, catching, bumping, and throwing without the fear of the ball stinging their skin. Each ball features a 2.5 mm foam layer underneath the ball’s woven cover, providing more cushion during impact for more comfortable play. This makes the ball soft and friendly for indoor play, but also durable for the playground as well thanks to that exterior weaving.

The ball also has a slight exterior texture that not only increases control, but gives users a better feel during play. A butyl bladder also provides more consistency with that feel as it prevents air from leaking during play.

All of these beginner-friendly design features, coupled with the balls’ official sizes, make them ideal for young users, as well as older users who are new to each game or to a specific skill used in that game.

Rainbow Colors

Each ball features a black and gray design with Rainbow paneling. These colors are perfect for quickly organizing students into various games and for storing the balls according to color. Bright colors also encourage more participation from students during class activity.

Rainbow TuffSport Ball Options

Rainbow TuffSport Balls are available in Sets of 6, in 3 ball varieties.

  • Soccer Ball, Size 5
  • Volleyball, Official
  • Football, Junior
  • Football, Youth
  • Football, Official