Rainbow SkyBlazer Foam Discs

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These soft foam discs are perfect for in-gym use!

Soft to the touch, yet incredibly durable and highly playable when it comes to throwing and catching, students will have no trouble acclimating to these discs. Friendly feel lowers intimidation levels, while bright colors encourage students to get involved in disc activities!


  • Size: 9” or 12” dia
  • Great for ages 12 and under

Great Playability

What makes these foam discs unique from others is the hollowed underside and contoured edge, which work together to enhance distance during prolonged glides and provide easier reception when discs are caught. As soon as the disc is released, it works to retain a consistent revolution speed and trajectory, which means better distance and accuracy, even from younger players.

An outer coating also ensures great grip and handling when it comes to these foam discs. Students will have no problem throwing and catching, and feeling confident while they’re doing so. Whether tossing back and forth with a partner or sending a disc downrange towards a target, friendly foam works to build confidence and familiarity with basic mechanics.

Two sizes—9” and 12” dia—give you the option to choose the ideal disc size for your class’ needs.

  • 9” dia is perfect for even the smallest hands of your elementary school students, and will put them in the position to learn catching and tossing fundamentals from a young age.
  • 12” dia are slightly larger than average, which makes them great for more coordinated students who might need a little help learning the ropes.

Friendly, Yet Durable

In addition to providing great grip, the exterior coating of these discs also serves as a protectorate to the interior foam construction. The coating seals out moisture and prevents debris from contaminating the foam, allowing it to retain its composure over time. Give the disc a squeeze, release it, and you’ll quickly see that everything rapidly expands back to a perfect shape and consistency!

Below the protective outer coating, squeezable soft foam makes this our friendliest foam disc! Foam is sting-free and easy on the hands, greatly reducing the chances of a student hurting themselves during toss and catch volleys or via an errant disc. This is also an asset during indoor play—foam discs won’t mark your walls or floor, or ricochet around the gym haphazardly!

Vibrant Colors

As if the soft-to-the-touch foam construction wasn’t enough to make these inviting to students, Rainbow colors serve to enhance their appeal even further. Students can grab their favorite color and play catch with a friend, or be assigned a color that puts them with a group of their peers for tons of fun! When it comes time for cleanup students will be responsible for their own disc color—call out colors in turn to facilitate a quick cleanup without rushing, pushing, or shoving.

Rainbow SkyBlazer Foam Disc Options

Rainbow SkyBlazer Foam Discs are available in Rainbow Sets of 6 in 2 sizes.

  • Regular, 9” dia
  • Super, 12” dia