Rainbow Recess Pack

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All of our premium, playground essentials in one colorful pack!

Bring all of the staple recess games to life with this comprehensive pack and watch your students line up to get in on all of the action! From kickball to foursquare and everything in between, this pack is designed to keep students engaged and active while they’re outdoors. Bright colors make organization easy.

Perfect for the Playground

Across the country there are playground games that are recognized as time-tested favorites. Kickball, foursquare, 500, and more are enjoyed by students young and old! This pack recognizes the timeless demand for these games and provides a bevy of balls designed specifically to give students the fast-paced, fun experience they're looking for when the recess bell rings.

  • Rainbow® Playground Balls are the ideal classic playground ball! A stippled two-ply rubber cover and valve, alongside brilliant Rainbow® colors, makes them perfect for any passing or toss and catch game. Not recommended for kicking.
  • Rainbow® DuraBall™ Playground Balls offer a unique one-piece construction that makes them incredibly durable across a range of playground activities! This tough, long-lasting ball is uniquely made from a rotating mold of liquid-vinyl, producing a high-quality seamless construction.
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Playground Balls offer our softest cover and toughest construction, marrying these traits for the best playground ball ever! Feel the difference with the three-ply, soft-touch rubber cover which ensures a better, softer grip. Polyester windings make it stronger with better shape retention as opposed to lesser alternatives. Advanced construction enables kicking and other high-impact uses.
  • Rainbow® Utility Balls give you superior shape-retention and toughness, wrapped up in a rugged utility ball. Three-ply construction lasts longer than standard playground balls, making them tough enough for kicking and heavy playground use. Much harder than standard playground balls—not to be used for contact sports.
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Utility Balls are the ultimate utility ball. Featuring an easy-grip cover and unrivaled durability, you can count on these utility balls to stand tough against kicking and throwing, as well as for catching and unintimidating contact. Firm Ultra-Wound™ nylon/polyester windings mean better play, truer bounce, and longer life.
  • Gopher 4-Square Balls are made specifically for this popular playground game! Heavy-duty two-ply rubber with a stippled surface makes these balls easy to serve and return, with excellent bounce and playability. Game rules are printed right on the ball for easy learning and game mastery!
  • Rainbow® UltraFlite™ Kickballs are designed to be foot-friendly and flight-ready! A soft-to-the-touch, rubber cover is tacky for easier catching, while nylon and polyester windings make it durable and lively. Superior construction retains shape kick after kick.

Vibrant Colors

If there's one thing more appealing to younger students than recess, it's recess with vibrant colors! These balls come in all 6 of our Rainbow® color options, giving students the opportunity to pick the hue that's most appealing to them and try their hand at any recess game. Inventory colors by how they're handed out to ensure every ball is returned at the end of class, or assign colors to different grade levels for school-wide organization.

Colors are also great for adding flair to traditional playground games. Send a blue kickball down from the mound once per inning for the chance at double points, designate different point values for each color when playing 500, or give each color a specific rule during a game of foursquare. Students will love the added twist on an already-favorite game and it'll help keep them engaged day after day on the playground.

Each pack includes:

  • Rainbow® Playground Balls, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® DuraBall™ Playground Balls, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Playground Balls, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® Utility Balls, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Utility Balls, Set of 6
  • Gopher 4-Square Balls, Set of 6
  • Rainbow® UltraFlite™ Kickballs, Set of 6
  • VersaBag™ Mesh Storage Bags, 4 ea