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Rainbow Mighty Mesh Bags

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Feel the difference with the thickest, most durable large mesh storage bag on the market!

The thickest and strongest towable mesh storage bag we offer, Rainbow Mighty Mesh Bags can stand up to the stresses and strains of heavy institutional use. Large and XL sizes accommodate 6 to 10 basketballs or 10 to 16 volleyballs with ease, with an open mesh construction that allows teachers to quickly see what’s inside. Rainbow colors give teachers instant organization and coordination capabilities.


  • Small gauge polyester mesh construction.
  • Ventilated construction prevents moisture buildups.
  • Cord closure and sliding lock.
  • Friendly, abrasion-resistant material.
  • Tested up to 250 lb of tensile strength!

Designed for Durability

Employing doubly thick, small gauge polyester, this towable mesh storage bag exudes strength and resilience in the face of even the most demanding of institutional settings. The construction of the bag itself supports up to 250 lb of tensile strength without compromising, even at the seams, which are secured using a reliable four-thread overlock stitch. Even with this superior durability, the bags themselves are soft and friendly to the touch, eliminating concerns of abrasion while they’re in storage.

Alongside their outward durability, these small and large mesh storage bags offer longevity through moisture resistance. Thanks to proper ventilation throughout the bag moisture is quickly evaporated, eliminating concerns of mildew or fungi—especially while in storage.

Numerous Color Options

Rainbow colors make storing different types of activity balls easy! Store basketballs in the blue bag, volleyballs in the red bag, and dodgeballs in the green bag for an organized approach to cleanup and storage. Because balls can be stored in the bag while kept in a storage closet or equipment shed, the various colors will also help teachers to introduce organization and accessibility amongst other equipment.

Rainbow Mighty Mesh Bag Options

Rainbow Mighty Mesh Bags are available in Rainbow Sets or individually in red or blue, 2 sizes.

  • Rainbow Sets of 6
    • Large, 36”L x 24”W
    • XL, 40”L x 30”W
  • Individual Bags. Available in red or blue.
    • Large
    • XL