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Rainbow DuraBall Playground Balls

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Unique, one-piece construction makes this one of the most durable rubber playground balls!

Designed to stand up to intense wear and tear without cracking or warping, these balls are the superior standard for rubber playground balls. From foursquare to kickball and beyond, the DuraBall liquid-vinyl design cover makes this ball ideal for a range of playground activities.

Exceptional Construction

The secret to the longevity and durability of these balls is their DuraBall cover design and one-piece construction. A rotating mold liquid-vinyl design makes these balls seamless and less likely to crack compared to other playground balls. Together these unique features form a construction that’s resilient against the consistent multiple player use that comes from an institutional setting, putting these balls a level above standard rubber playground balls!

Superior Handling

The soft-grip, textured DuraBall cover allows these balls to be grasped and gripped more easily, to improve accuracy with kids, keeping them successful and ready for more. With a standardized 8.5" dia, as well as 7" dia and 10" dia variations can be used for virtually any playground games, making it a hit with your classes and creating familiarity across activities.

Color Coordination

Designed with coordination and skill improvement in mind, these rubber playground balls come in an array of bright colors, making them great for development tracking for younger students. Available in Rainbow and Screamin' Rainbow Sets of 6 for easy drill and class organization. Instructors can even change and mix up traditional games with color designation, to keep kids on their toes and make every game an interesting one.