Rainbow 4-Square Balls

As low as $59.95
Top-quality 8.5" dia four-square playground balls made specifically for four-square!

A timeless, beloved game, students of any age will enjoy four-square. This durable rubber ball features the rules of the game, printed right on the ball

Long-Lasting Construction

These 8.5" dia balls are the most durable four-square-specific option on the market. Playground-ready balls have thick two-ply construction to withstand heavy use and abuse.

A butyl bladder encased in a premium rubber cover ensures the ball retains its shape and lively bounce. This design also guarantees the ball will perform for years on all kinds of surfaces, including harsh blacktop and concrete. It can even withstand contact with debris like gritty dirt and small rocks.

The premium rubber cover features a stippled texture surface which helps with impact absorption, and further enhances the ball's longevity. The stippling also makes these balls easier to grip, giving students more control and accuracy during play.

As tough as these balls are, they're surprisingly soft and pliable to the touch. Students' will appreciate the friendly feel and be more comfortable. Hands and arms will thank you!

Instructions Right on the Ball

Students can be self-starters and self-moderators with these heavy-duty rubber balls as four-square instructions and rules are printed right on the ball. Students can easily familiarize themselves with the game, and settle playground disputes quickly and definitely, leaving more time for playing and less time for disagreements on the rules.

Versatile Beyond the Square

While 4-Square is their name, it's not their only game. The durable construction allows these balls to be used for other playground activities and skill practice such as partner toss and catch, bouncing, rolling, throwing at targets, dribbling, and much more!

Gopher 4-Square Ball Options

Gopher 4-Square Balls are available in sets of 6 in 3 color options.

  • Rainbow®, 8.5" dia
  • Red, 8.5" dia
  • Yellow, 8.5" dia