NutriPlay NutriKnockDown

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Bowling game for kids promotes nutritious knock-down fun!

Teach students the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods while reinforcing the positive effects of exercise. Teams race to collect healthy and unhealthy beanbags, returning the healthy foods to their own shopping bag while adding unhealthy foods to other teams’ bags. Keep your class learning and entertained in this fun, non-stop action game!

Three Game Options

Three variations are included in this game pack! The first is called KnockDown Relay. In this game. Students are split into 5 teams and 2 players are designated “junk food” taggers. Each team is assigned a food group, and each group must work to knock down their food group pins with their food group balls. The first team to knock down all of their food group pins wins.

The second game is KnockDown Mania. In this game, there are 2 junk food taggers and the rest of the class is split into 2 teams. Each food group is then given a point value (like fruit being one point, dairy two points, etc.). The junk food taggers try to block incoming balls. This is played for a specified amount of time or until all pins are knocked down. The team with the most points wins.

The third game is KnockDown Balanced Diet. In this game, the class is divided into 2 teams, with each team getting 5 balls. One player is designated the junk food tagger. Pins are scattered on one side of the gym, and teams throw their balls to try to knock down 1 pin from each food group in order to get a balanced diet. The first team to knock down 1 pin from each food group wins (5 pins total).

Excellent Components

Included are 20 pins, 12 foam balls, 2 junk food pinnies, and 2 mesh bags, 1 large and 1 extra large.

The pins are just like regular plastic bowling pins, except they are multi color. Each food group is a different color (fruits are red, veggies are green, etc.).

Balls are 6.3” in diameter and are a coated foam. The coating is durable and will hold up to routine gym use. There are 12 balls included (2 yellow junk food and 2 for each food group).

The pinnies are size medium and made of nylon. As a result, they are able to withstand many games of use for years to come.