NutriPlay FoodGroup FlagTag Set

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Put nutrition into play with action-packed, feud-of-the-foods flag belt activities.

Practice the selection of healthy foods and a balanced diet while being active and having fun with this food group game. This customized activity pack features flags and coated-foam balls with printed vibrant food graphics from all 5 food groups, as well as junk food items.

Six Custom Activities

Capture the Fruits and Veggies features 2 teams in a race to capture balls from the other team. One is the vegetable team, working to capture veggie dodgeballs, and the other is the fruit team, working to capture the fruit balls. Eight students are designated “junk food” taggers, pulling the flags and freezing players as they try to collect their balls. Students can unfreeze after completing a specified exercise and then being tagged by 1 of the 4 “healthy helpers.” The first team to gather all its balls wins.

  • NutriBalanced Belt features 12 students wearing flag belts with 6 matching flags. Eight students wear junk food pinnies, and 4 wear healthy helper pinnies. The students with flag belts work to get one flag from each group without being tagged by a junk food tagger. If tagged, they must perform an exercise and then be tagged by a healthy helper to rejoin the game. The first player to complete his or her plate wins.
  • Nutrient Collect ‘n Keep features 12 students starting with empty flag belts, 8 more as junk food taggers and another 4 as healthy helpers. Flags are placed at stations around the gym. Each food group has 2 stations, which should be as far apart from each other as possible. Players race to collect flags from each station, trying to get a well-balanced diet (1 flag from each group). Junk food taggers run wild, trying to steal flags off of belts and returning them to the station to which they belong. Healthy taggers remain in the middle with all the foam balls, throwing them to players. When belted players have a ball, it is a free pass to get a flag from any station, as a flag cannot be taken from them while they have a ball. The first player with a full belt wins.
  • Fit for Food Stations involve students starting with empty flag belts and working to get flags from stations set up around the playing area. To gain a flag, students must perform an exercise assigned to each station. Junk food taggers steal flags from belted players. When tagged, they must perform an exercise and then be tagged by a healthy tagger to continue playing. The first player to complete their belt with one flag from each group wins.
  • Food Chain Game features students forming a chain by linking arms while attempting to move 6 fruit or veggie balls to a drop off point on the other side of the gym. Junk food taggers are out tearing off flags of chained students. When they do steal a flag, the students must all unlink and perform an exercise before getting their flag back. They can then re-link and continue to move forward. Healthy taggers freeze junk food taggers. The first team to transport all balls to the other side of the gym wins.
  • Food Group Mania involves 4 students as designated healthy helpers. Eight more are junk food taggers, and the rest are in pairs. One of the students in the pair wears an empty flag belt and the other attempts to roll the ball past the junk food taggers to the healthy helpers. If successful, that pair earns a flag of their choice for the belt. If the ball is intercepted by a junk food tagger, the player can attempt to run to the flags. But if tagged by a junk food tagger, they must take a junk food flag belt. At the end of time, students count up their healthy food belts and subtract the junk food flags. The team with the highest number wins.

Inclusive Pack for Instant Play

Each set includes 2 junk food pinnies, 4 healthy pinnies, 12 coated foam balls, a large mesh bag, activity instructions, flag belts, and flags.

The pinnies are 100 percent nylon and designed especially for this game. The junk food pinnies display a junk food logo, and healthy food pinnies feature muffins, apples, broccoli, and cheese.

The 12 balls include 6 fruit and 6 veggie balls. Fruit balls are red and veggie balls are green. Each measures 7” in diameter and is made of coated foam.

The flag belts are also designed specifically for this game. They have a hook-and-loop fastener exterior, so flags can be placed anywhere. Belts will stay on during game play when fastened correctly. Each belt comes with 6 multi-color flags with a food picture on them.

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