NutriPlay Food Group Coated-Foam Balls

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Foods from each food group printed directly on our premium foam balls for endless nutrition learning and fun!

Each ball features pick-proof, colorful images of food from each food group that won’t peel off or fade. A premium pick-proof foam coating includes a textured surface for a sure grip. Each group is color-coded for easy identification. 

Five Unique Games

Each set includes nutrition balls with instructions for 5 fun and unique games.

  • Food Group Dodgeball divides students into 5 groups and assigns each group a food group. Balls are scattered around the gym, and students scramble to collect their assigned food group balls. The junk food team works to eliminate players by throwing their junk food balls at players and hitting them below the waist. If hit, students must be tagged by a teammate to re-enter the game.
  • Balanced Diet Race involves teams racing to collect a “balanced diet” one ball at a time while avoiding being hit by junk food players. If hit, they must complete a predetermined exercise to re-enter the game.
  • Food Ball Relay divides students into 6 equal teams and assigns each group a food group. Teams line up and go one at a team relay-style to see which can collect its balls first.
  • Traditional Food Ball Dodgeball divides students into 2 teams to play traditional dodgeball. You can vary this to assign students a certain food group, and they are only allowed to throw that food group’s balls.
  • Ultimate Food Ball Dodgeball is similar to traditional dodgeball, but players sit down if hit. They are only allowed to re-enter the game if a player on their team catches a ball from the opposing team. At that time, the team member that was out the longest re-enters the game.

Quality Materials

Each of the balls features a premium coat design that allows them to last longer than most other similar balls. This cover keeps out the elements and prevents students from being able to pick them apart.

NutriPlay Coated-Foam Food Group Ball Options

  • Protein (Purple)
  • Grains (Orange)
  • Dairy (Blue)
  • Junk Food (Yellow)