Mr. Muscles

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Students engage their own muscles as they work together to complete Mr. Muscles!

A durable 6’L floor muscle puzzle promotes physical activity as students learn about the muscular system. It’s great for relays or individual activities with all age groups.

Learn Muscles, Use Muscles!

Students engage both their mind and body while assembling this life-size puzzle. All major muscle groups are represented, including the quadriceps, abdominals, and neck muscles.

The puzzle can be built by individual students, teams of students, or in relay races to see which team can build it the fastest. You can also have children remember the names of the muscles as an added learning challenge. The set comes with blindfolds, so students can even try to build it without looking.

Quality Construction

A thick polyvinyl design ensures the puzzle will be flexible, yet tough enough that it will resist tearing. Each piece is color-coded, so it is easier to distinguish muscles from each other.

At 6’L x 3’W, the puzzle is life-sized for accurate representation of muscle groups.

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