Laminated Nutrition Posters

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Emphasizes good nutrition and activity.

Learn more about good nutrition with a set of posters that highlights the 5 food groups and various activities. Topics include portion control, smart eating, and physical activity.

Constant Healthy Reminders

Each nutrition poster highlights each of the food groups found in the USDA’s new MyPlate dietary and physical activity guidelines. They contain eye-catching images that are paired with motivational phrases to encourage healthy living.

A Variety of Topics

Nutrition posters include Calcium-Rich Foods, Whole Grains, Physical Activity, Focus on Fruit, Go Lean with Protein, and Vary Your Veggies. Healthy Living posters include Energy In/Energy Out, Eat Smart, Handy Portions, Catch a Rainbow Every Day, Get Moving, and Portion Distortion. MyPlate posters include Find Your Balance Between Food and Fun, Diabetes MyPlate, and 4 posters that display the MyPlate logo and provide information on food groups and portion.

All posters are made with laminated paper, which gives them a shiny finish and makes them resistant to water and tears.

Laminated Nutrition Poster Options

Laminated Nutrition Posters are available in 3 sets of 6:

  • Nutrition Posters
  • Healthy Living Posters
  • MyPlate Posters