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Intentus Portable Game Volleyball Standards

As low as $719.00
Intentus game standards are stronger, more stable, and provide better net tension than other portable standards that weigh hundreds of pounds more!

Say goodbye to sagging nets and wobbly game standards! With Intentus game standards, you have a higher-quality portable volleyball net system that enables reliable, long-lasting play.

Sturdy Construction

Many other game standards wobble or spin all over the place. These standards, however, use an oval-shaped pole design that is then bolted to the base on its underside. Other standards feature circular pole designs, but an oval design helps the standard pole avoid spinning while in the base. The combination of the oval shape with an elongated design allows for a safer, more secure neck collar placement so nets will not move or slide down during play.

The base’s one-of-a-kind rectangular design allows it to provide additional tension and weight away from the pole, creating more pulling tension. As a result, the bases provide stability while avoiding interference with play.

A powder-coated finish to the steel base ensures it will last for long periods of use without cracking or chipping. No sand or water is needed to add additional weight to keep the base in place during game play — at 150 pounds, the base is plenty heavy enough to keep itself in place.

Easy Use

Every base comes with 2 specially designed QwikFlik collars that allow for instant net height adjustment. The collars feature a locking arm mechanism that provides tension when engaged, unlike other collars on the market, which screw into the pole and can dent, chip, and form sharp edges over time, causing safety hazards. Instead, the QwikFlik collars simply slide on to the top of the pole. When the correct position is found, simply press the collar’s locking arm down and it will lock the collar into place. With this height adjustment feature, you can place volleyball nets at official heights for women (7’ 4”) and men (7’ 11-5/8”). The pole itself reaches 10 feet high.

Built-in 6” non-marring wheels make it extremely easy to move the portable volleyball system between the court and storage. The standard has a built-in area textured for your foot to tip and wheel the bases around. Simply place your foot in the designated area, grab the pole at head height, and pull it toward you as you press down with your foot.

Numerous Options

These standards are available in 3 colors: red, black, and blue. You can show off your team spirit by getting a color to match your school’s theme! Safety pads for the standard feature a 2” thick vinyl-covered foam. This ensures the pads will hold up without ripping or tearing during game play. You can also order the pads in red, black, and blue.

While the standards are made for volleyball, they can be used for other games as well, including badminton and any other game variants you might decide to use in your physical education class.

Intentus Portable Game Volleyball Standard Option

Intentus Portable Game Volleyball Standards are available in sets or individually in 3 colors. Base padding sold separately.

  • Colors
    • Blue
    • Black
    • Red
  • Complete Two-Court Systems. Include 3 Intentus standards in your choice of 3 colors, 2 School/Recreation 32’ nets, and 4 Gopher Comp 1000 composite volleyballs.
  • Complete One-Court Systems. Include a pair of Intentus standards in your choice of 3 colors, a School/Recreation 32’ net, and 6 Gopher Rainbow Performer rubber volleyballs.
  • Set of 3 Intentus Standards
  • Pair of Intentus Standard
  • Individual Intentus Standard
  • Base Padding