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HoopStandz Hoop Holders

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Unit:  Set of 12

The most stable hoop holder you can find!

Wobbling or tipping hoops in hula hoop games are a thing of the past, thanks to this extra wide hula hoop holder! Made with a lightweight ABS plastic, these holders are extremely durable, while also portable for your convenience. Stack regular or skinny hoops to keep them in place!

Outstanding Stability

A much wider base than found in standard hoop holders makes this the most stable hoop holder on the market. Hoops will be nearly impossible to tip over thanks to this security! Simply snap the hoop into its assigned slot, whether it’s a regular sized or skinny hoop. Additionally, a single-piece injection-molded construction makes the hoops durable enough to last through daily use.

Use the hoops for creating targets, making tunnels, or simply for holding your hoops during gameplay! When you no longer need them, they stack up for easy storage.

Each stand measures 11”L x 11”W x 5”H.