Healthy Eating and Active Time Club

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Instill healthy eating and physical activity habits in your students using eating worksheets for kids.

Early elementary years are perfect for teaching healthy living habits. These lessons focus on healthy eating and active time to keep us feeling our best. An included web resource offers activity and food cards, worksheets, activity books, exercises, and lessons and activities for after-school programs.

Web Resource Included

With this book, teachers can help instill good eating and physical activity habits in even their youngest students. Available with the book is a web resource that offers activity and food cards, worksheets, and separate activity books for grades 1 through 3.

Ultimately, children will learn how to make better nutritional choices and discover how these choices, along with regular physical activity, will keep them feeling their best.


This book is divided into several sections.

  • Web Resources Contents
  • Lesson and Activity Finder
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgments
  • Unit 1. Introduction to Nutrition and Physical Activity. Show students what the HEAT Club is all about—healthy eating and active time! In this unit students learn what makes up a healthy diet—using MyPlate as a guide—and how to stay physically active every day. What’s more, they learn how healthy eating and active time support health and keep us feeling our best.
  • Unit 2. Making Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity Choices Every Day. The class has learned what it means to eat smart and play hard—now help them apply it! This unit prepares students to make healthier choices every day, whether by choosing nutritious snacks to fuel an active day or planning a MyPlate meal for their family.
  • Extensions 1. Supplemental Art Activities. Use healthy eating and active time to inspire each student’s inner artist. This art supplement provides hands-on, creative activities that reinforce HEAT Club messages in art class.
  • Extensions 2. Events and Resources for Library Connections. Bring the HEAT Club to your school library! This supplement identifies healthy-living events in each month and provides reading lists and other resources to help school librarians reinforce HEAT Club concepts.
  • Extensions 3. Creative Ideas and Resources for PE Teachers. Hit the gym with the HEAT Club! This supplement provides PE teachers with ideas for reinforcing HEAT Club concepts through games, goal setting, and celebration of national events related to health.
  • Extensions 4. After-School Connections. Learn more about the After-School HEAT Club Curriculum, available in the accompanying web resource by using the pass code available in the book. This resource gives after-school leaders and participants opportunities to engage in healthy-cooking activities, active games, and HEAT Club–inspired creative arts. The full curriculum is available in the web resource.
  • Appendix A. Shape Up Somerville: Eat Smart, Play Hard
  • Appendix B. HEAT Club Green Principles
  • Appendix C. HEAT Club Recommended Book List

Book is 136 pages.