Gopher Victory 1000 Footballs

As low as $22.95
Victory is yours with this premium synthetic ball at an incredible value!

This ball’s durable, top-of-the-line synthetic cover features a tacky feel for greater control and ball handling. Its deep pebbling and real, sewn-in laces offer superior grip and passing accuracy at a great value!

Durable and Cost-Effective

A premium synthetic sewn panel design gives students a better-performing option than a rubber ball. This is a softer ball that plays more like a composite leather football than other options (like rubber) while still being less expensive than leather. The air lock butyl bladder keeps the ball’s shape for long periods of fun play.

Great for Learning

The tacky, pebbled synthetic covered ball comes in 2 sizes, giving students a great playing option in middle and high school. The ball comes in official size, but it is not NFHS approved, making it a great option for PE class and clubs where non-official play occurs and there is an emphasis on learning and developing basic football skills.

Better Performance

The tacky, synthetic laces and cover provide better grip for players. White laces and stripes make it easy to track the ball as it soars through the air.

Gopher Victory 1000™ Synthetic Football Options

Gopher Victory 1000™ Synthetic Footballs are available individually in 2 sizes.

  • Youth
  • Official, NFHS