Gopher Comp 1000 Composite Footballs

As low as $22.95
A game-quality composite football at a practice-ball price!

Featuring an enhanced tacky surface that increases catching ability and passing accuracy, this ball is a favorite for players who are developing important football skills. New and younger students especially enjoy practicing with the Comp 1000.

Great for Training

The pebbled premium composite cover makes this ball friendlier and more shock resistant during catching than traditional leather balls. Students will avoid developing poor habits out of fear of the ball, such as closing or taking their eyes off of it. The 3 sizes the ball comes in make it perfect for use in PE all the way up to official play and make it easier to progress training for age and experience level.

Outstanding Design

The premium composite cover protects this ball's airlock butyl bladder. As a result, the ball is able to maintain its shape and true play for longer, meaning players can experience the same feel of the ball game after game. The tacky surface on the Comp 1000 increases the players' catching ability and passing accuracy.

High Levels of Play

This ball is Official size and is approved by the NFHS for high school level play. The white laces and stripes enhance the "official" feel of the ball. This is our most popular Gopher-branded composite football.

Gopher Comp 1000 Football Options

Gopher Comp 1000 Footballs are available individually in 3 sizes.

  • Junior
  • Youth
  • Official, NFHS