Fox 40 Pealess Whistles

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The choice of pro referees eliminates the "no sound" frustration of a pea-style whistle.

Perfect for any sport in any conditions, these whistles for PE are pealess, meaning they can’t be overblown or jammed. Blow loud and strong for a reliable tone, with the added comfort and resilience of their BPA-free plastic design. Three variations—Classic, Classic with Mouth Grip, and Micro—are tailored to meet the unique needs of every referee.

Reliable Functionality

Pealess whistles are the pinnacle for reliability and longevity thanks to their single-piece construction. Never worry about overblowing or jammed peas that produce no sound—this option will never fail to issue a tone that’s loud and clear up to a mile away! And, the harder you blow, the louder the sound, giving referees the ability to tailor their tone to meet the environmental needs of the game at hand, indoors or out. Rain or shine, hot or cold, these are designed to function in any conditions without failure.

Durable Design

The single-piece of molded BPA-free ABS plastic lends durability and sustainability, making them an ideal choice for institutions or organizations where they’re bound to see heavy use. And, because they’re pealess, there’s no concern about damaged, jammed, or frozen peas that might render the whistle useless in unfavorable conditions. The single-piece design also ensures whistles can stand up to being blown, jostled, dropped, and more.

In addition to their inherent durability, there’s also a sustainability component to these whistles that stems from their self-cleaning air chambers. Because the whistle is voided of air with every use, dirt, dust, and other accumulates will be blown out, keeping it clean with zero maintenance required. They can also be dropped into the water for instant cleaning without the fear of rusting.

A Variety of Styles

There are 3 options available for these multicolored whistles, giving institutions the ability to equip referees, instructors, and authority figures with the perfect whistle for their situation.

  • The Classic is perfect for everyday use across field sports, track and field, and swimming activities, being able to bear the burden of any condition it’s put in.
  • The Classic with Mouth Grip provides an added level of security via a cushioned mouth grip, allowing refs to run with the whistle at the ready.
  • The Micro provides the same benefits, but with a smaller and more compact, durable design that makes it ideal for easy storage and quick use.

Each whistle comes with a breakaway lanyard. Choose whistles in Rainbow Sets of 6 or in Plus Sets of 8 (that add a black and white whistle). These options maximize organization and make it easy to spot a dropped or misplaced whistle.

Fox 40 Pealess Whistle Options

Fox 40 Pealess Whistles are available in 3 varieties, individually or in Rainbow or Rainbow Plus Sets.

Rainbow Sets. Include 6 whistles, 1 of each color.

  • Classic Whistles w/ Lanyards
  • Classic Whistles w/ Mouth Grips and Lanyards
  • Micro Whistles w/ Lanyards

Rainbow Plus Sets. Include 8 whistles, 1 of each color plus a black and white.

  • Classic Whistles w/ Lanyards
  • Classic Whistles w/ Mouth Grips and Lanyards
  • Micro Whistles w/ Lanyards

Individual Whistles

  • Classic Whistles w/ Lanyards
  • Classic Whistles w/ Mouth Grips and Lanyards
  • Micro Whistles w/ Lanyards