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FITstep Pro PowerPlus Packs

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Customized packs include the best pedometer, Plus everything needed to easily assess students in class!

All-inclusive packs provide the best pedometers and storage you can find, paired with the necessary accessories and instruction for a school's complete assessment solution! Each pack includes 36 FITstep Pro Uploadable Pedometers in your choice of Red/Blue or Screamin' Orange, data readers, top-of-the-line storage, and instruction. Heavy-duty custom case features a laser-cut foam interior that protects pedometers and easily shows if all are returned after use, while also storing other pack contents. The included USB hub allows up to 10 pedometers to be connected at once for an even faster upload and assessment time. Upgrade to the Deluxe Pack which adds a quality laptop and carrying case to meet all your uploading needs and eliminates the need to share a personal computer.

Basic Packs include:

  • 36 ea FITstep Pro Pedometers (Red/Blue)
  • 2 ea Data Readers w/ FITstep MVPA software
  • 1 ea FITstep Storage Case w/ Foam Inserts
  • 1 ea 10-Port USB 2.0 Hub
  • 1 ea Pedometer Power Book
  • 1 set FITstep Pro Training Charts
  • 40 ea Replacement Batteries

Deluxe Packs add:

  • 1 ea Assessment Laptop
  • 1 ea Assessment Laptop Carrying Case

Additional details about products in these packs are listed below.

FITstep Pro Uploadable Pedometers
The pedometer that changed it all is still a PE favorite!
Our first uploadable pedometer paved the way for quick and easy MVPA tracking by eliminating manual data tracking and organization. Students open the pedometer, set it into the data reader's dock, press down, and in less than 2 seconds the data uploads.

The FITstep Pro features digitally-precise technology that allows the pedometer to count steps, even if it isn't perfectly upright. A delayed-counting feature better measures true activity time, and prevents an inflated step total by only counting consecutive steps taken after activity begins, and not single steps taken in preparation. Pedometer also features a large, easy-to-read graph that continually displays MVPA. A longer battery life eliminates the hassle of routine replacement, and the indicator light informs users when the battery is low. Calibrates steps per minute (SPM) from 80 to 160.

Specifically designed for PE, our FITstep software organizes data into printable reports. Recent updates include more efficient sorting and filtering functions, a new Quick Summary report for a concise snapshot review of student performance, and additional customization.

FITstep Pro Training Charts
Teach your class in an instant how to use their FITstep pedometers!A large demonstration photo on the front gives students a clear visual aid while the teacher reads the step-by-step instructions on the back. Includes a set of 7 durable, laminated charts. 24"L x 18"W (61 cm x 46 cm).

Click here for FITstep Training Videos, Manuals, and Software Downloads.

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