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EZ Turn Double Dutch Ropes

As low as $21.95
Unique handle design for the easiest-turning Double Dutch ropes!

Molded-plastic ball bearings fused to ropes inside 5-1/2”L handles creates the smoothest and fastest-spinning Double Dutch rope! 1/4” dia PVC rope is great for speed jumping, as well as beginner learning. Rope color designates rope length.

Smooth-Turning Ropes

EZ Turn ropes are designed to spin very fast and extremely smoothly. The 1/4'' diameter PVC rope is thick enough to hold up to institutional use, but thin enough to still spin quickly for speed-jumping bouts. PVC works to absorb impact when ropes strike the ground so they will last for years and hold up to high-speed use by advanced users.

Facilitating smooth turning revolutions are plastic ball bearings inside each handle. Unlike other ropes that are simply tied off within handles, bearings offer stability, smoothness, and control to users at all degrees of the turn.

Innovative Handle Design

Handle is an ergonomic, one-piece molded plastic handle that affords jumpers a great grip that’s also comfortable and easy to control—especially at high speeds. Textured pattern keeps grip tight and sure, even when palms and heads get sweaty from continuous jumping. Handle design also plays an integral role in partner jumping, such as Double Dutch. Students will have complete control over ropes as they turn in tandem with a partner for an all-around smooth jumping experience.

Easy Rope Recognition

Ropes come in much longer lengths than standard length jump ropes because they’re made specifically for Double Dutch jumping. This allows for multiple students to be involved in one game/activity vs a standard jump rope is just for one user. 3 sizes are available to facilitate this, easily identified by the color of the rope. Choose 14’L green ropes for individual jumping, 16’L blue ropes for partner or solo jumping, or 30’ red ropes for partner and group jumping routines.

EZ Turn Double Dutch Rope Options

EZ Turn Double Dutch Ropes are available in pairs in 3 lengths.

  • 14’L, Green
  • 16’L, Blue
  • 30’L, Red