Deluxe Tripod Swing Sets

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Three-leg design adds safety and stability.

Featuring a galvanized steel construction with 3-1/2” OD top beam, 2-3/8” OD support pipes, and 2-7/8” OD galvanized-steel yokes with a durable painted finish, these swing sets will last for years on your playground. Give your students a reliable swing set for years of fun.

Safe and Sturdy

The stability of a swing set ensures all students can use it safely. The tripod design on this set adds to its safety. Each end of the swing set has 2 posts that anchor into the ground in the front and back just like a traditional swing set, but the addition of a third post intersects the 2 posts in the front and back and extends down at an angle as an extension of the top crossbar. This creates a supportive tripod on each end of the system and provides added stability and security.

With this unique design, the swing set meets safety guidelines for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), and has also been certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). Assembly and in-ground installation required.

Durable Materials

Made of galvanized steel, the swing set features a 13-gauge 3-1/2” OD top beam, 2-3/8” OD support pipes, and 2-7/8” OD galvanized steel yokes with a durable powder coated finish. They are produced in a patented in-line triple zinc flo-coating process that provides a smooth, shiny, uniform appearance with up to 25% greater corrosion resistance than commonly used pipes, along with greater strength and lighter weight for comparable sizes. The swing hangers are stamped steel split clamps with ductile hangers and bronze bearings. Each set also includes playground-coil chains and rubber belt-type seats with stainless steel inserts and corrosion-resistant fittings to ensure the set withstands years of exposure to the elements.

A 10’ height allows the sets to accommodate all ages. Any shorter, and the set would be difficult for older kids and adults to use.

Deluxe Tripod Swing Set Options

Deluxe Tripod Swing Sets are available in 3 sizes.

  • 4-Swing Model. 32’L x 9’W x 10’H, 460 lb. A 32’ x 44’ use zone is recommended.
  • 6-Swing Model. 43’L x 9’W x 10’H, 575 lb. A 32’ x 55’ use zone is recommended.
  • 8-Swing Model. 54’L x 9’W x 10’H, 720 lb. A 32’ x 66’ use zone is recommended.