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ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Packs

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Increase class participation with packs complete with chemical- and latex-free mats! 

Now your entire class, regardless of skin sensitivity, can participate! Our only latex-free exercise mat packs, every student will enjoy using these chemical-free, closed-cell options. Mobile racks and wall-mounted racking are available for safe, convenient storage. 

Wall or Rack Storage

Packs come with 2 great storage options to keep your mats fresh, clean, and safe for extended periods of use. With proper hanging storage included, there’s no need to worry about cleaning out your equipment closets or rearranging to make space—racking solutions are simple and effective, requiring minimal space to house.

Mobile mat racks are great for quickly transporting entire groups of mats to and from storage and activity areas. Racks can be wheeled out smoothly and parked where they’re being stored or used without issue. For facilities with dedicated PE space, wall-mounted racking options are great for keeping mats collected and safe between uses. Wall-mounted storage cuts down on time spent transporting materials and ensures mat are always on hand for students to grab.


  • Keep students comfortable during plank holds, push-ups, or even during stretches: the use of mats eliminates the discomfort caused by hard floors!
  • Custom, built-in grommets allow for easy hanging and are soft when stepped on.
  • Mats are great for a range of activities that involve sitting or lying on the floor, including stretching, yoga, sit-ups, ab workouts, Pilates, and more. Great for fitness centers, gyms, studios, and schools.
  • Black or blue mats allow you to choose the one that works best with your gymnasium or fitness center décor.
  • Choose 1/2" thick mats in 48"L for compact spaces, or 72"L to accommodate taller users.

ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Pack Options

ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Packs are available in 2 sizes, in 3 thicknesses, in 2 colors. Racks are also sold separately.

  • EcoFit Mobile Packs. Include 24 EcoFit Mats and a Mobile Mat Rack.
    • EcoFit, 48”L x 24”W x 1/2” thick
    • EcoFit XL, 72”L x 24”W x 1/2” thick
  • EcoFit Wall-Mount Packs. Include 10 EcoFit Mats and a Wall-Mount Rack.
    • EcoFit, 48”L x 24”W x 1/2” thick
    • EcoFit XL, 72”L x 24”W x 1/2” thick
  • Mobile Mat Racks
    • For 48”L Mats, 54"H
    • For 72”L Mats, 78"H
  • Wall-Mount Rack
  • Mat Colors
    • Blue
    • Black