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CharacterEd Playground Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6
Teach important values on the playground!

These rugged, two-ply 8.5” dia rubber playground balls feature an easy-to-grip surface, which makes them great for recess, four square and other low-impact activities.

Printed Character Traits

Printed character traits on each ball encourage students to play respectfully with others. These traits include respect, honesty, sportsmanship, pride, integrity, and tolerance. The word and logo are printed on one side of the ball, with the definition on the other.

The balls can be used for a wide variety of bouncing and catching activities, some even incorporating the character trait. For example, you could have students in a circle bouncing or passing the balls around. When the music stops, the teacher picks a color, and the student holding that color ball must read the word and definition. Then, as a group, the class can discuss why that trait is important and provide examples.

Quality Design

A premium two-ply cover allows this ball to hold up to long-term use on rough surfaces, maintaining its shape and true play for years. It is perfect for games like dodgeball, four square, passing games and more. A butyl bladder on the interior holds air longer than latex bladders, which prevents you from having to regularly re-inflate the ball.

Rainbow® Colors

Six Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to assign teams or split students into groups. The bright colors also add a bit of fun to gym class activities.