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CharacterEd Parachutes

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The sky's the limit when you combine CharacterEd values and parachute play!

Give your students fun activities that build character. The parachute incorporates 18 keywords and definitions, creating limitless teaching opportunities. It features double-stitched handles and a reinforced mesh center that will never rip!

Promote Good Character

Each parachute comes with 18 character traits and definitions listed on the panels of the parachute (the 24-panel option repeats 6 traits). Examples include class, confidence, sportsmanship, integrity, tolerance, and pride. The idea is to promote these types of valuable characteristics in children from a young age while they are having fun playing with a parachute.

Students can play with the parachute as they would with a regular one, or they can play character-based games. For example, you could put a ball on the parachute, and have students call out traits as it hits each panel. After a predetermined amount of time, have students read aloud the definition and give an example of a time they demonstrated that trait.

High-Quality Materials

A rip-stop nylon material makes the parachute resistant to tearing. If the parachute does develop a tear, the rip-stop nylon prevents it from becoming larger and spreading throughout the parachute, which extends its longevity.

A half-inch thick perimeter rope gives users something to hold on to the entire way around the parachute, as well as quickly identifying where the edge of the parachute is, so users don’t have to waste time searching for the edges to hold on to. Because the rope is stitched to the inside of the edge, there’s no worry of it falling out or being moved away from the edge.

All handles are double-stitched, which enhances the parachute’s durability through absorbing pressure from the users. Handles also give users an easy way to hold on to the parachute to maximize their grip.

A reinforced center mesh piece provides an added dimension of safety, as kids are not able to put their head or arms through the material. This mesh center also allows air to pass through, so the parachute moves easier while students continue to toss around balls and other items.

Finally, a carrying strap on the bag is firmly attached to make it easy for students and teachers to pack up the parachute and carry it away. The bag is oversized to make packing up easy as can be.

Colored Panels

The six-panel color design features Rainbow colors. This means there are 2 more colors than found in traditional parachutes, which also allows the panels to be easily defined so different elements can be added to a game. For example, players might be instructed to work together to get all the objects on a certain panel color.

CharacterEd Parachute Options

CharacterEd Parachutes are available in 2 sizes.

  • 24’ dia, 18 panels/18 handles
  • 30’ dia, 24 panels/24 handles