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CalmED Down Corner Sensory Pack

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Create the perfect sensory space with this great starter pack that's filled with sensory items and resources to help students find ways to calm down.

Our CushionED inflatable vinyl cushions (13" dia) have a bumpy textured top to provide sensory feedback. Increase or decrease the air in the cushion to adjust stability. Includes air pump to inflate or deflate to desired fullness. The 1-1/2 lb cushions are easy to pick up and carry around the room for breakout sessions.

As students sit on their textured cushions, they can grab a textured ball for added sensory stimulation. Choose from 6 Rainbow Textured Activity Balls with unique textures to fidget with and relax. 5" dia, soft vinyl balls also pair great with classroom activities.

Utilize the Calm Down Space Banner and CalmED Dice set to help students identify emotions and try out different methods to regulate them. Select a regulating method from the banner or roll the 12-sided, coated-foam dice to let chance decide! The durable vinyl banner has 8 methods for regulating emotions and includes 2 grommets for easy hanging. 30"L x 18"W. The 12-sided dice offers 24 different methods to help students calm down such as taking a breath or drinking some cool water. 7-3/4" dia; 1 lb.

Dim the lights and get cozy with CalmED Light Filters and a Weighted LapPad. Choose a light filter from a Rainbow set of 6 to change up the light color in the desired location. Each lightweight filter easily attaches to ceiling lights via magnets. Filters are heat resistant and flame retardant. (ASTM F963) 48"L x 24"W. For those that need to feel a calming pressure, place the 6 lb weighted pad on your lap or around your shoulders to instantly feel relief. The 6 lb weight is evenly distributed. 24"L x 24"W x 1-1/2" thick.

Pack includes:

  • CushionED Active Seat Cushions, 4 Ea
  • Rainbow Textured Activity Balls, Set of 6
  • Weighted LapPad, 1 Ea
  • CalmED 12-Sided Dice, 2 Ea
  • Rainbow CalmED Light Filters, Set of 6
  • Calm Down Space Banner, 1 Ea