Get Knotted

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Position your hands and feet across the mat without getting tangled!

Based on the popular Twister game, this giant game tests flexibility and listening skills. Students place their hands and feet according to a spinner and try not to fall while they’re doing it! Mat features 4 grommets, 1 at each corner to be staked down, great for outdoor use. Inflatable dice are durable enough to be used on grass outdoors.

Keep Students Active

Students will have to put their entire body into the game as they try to keep up with the commands from the dice. With feet and hands being positioned all around the board, students will need to get into a variety of crazy positions to make sure they’re following the pace of the game! They’ll very quickly figure out that it takes muscle endurance and flexibility to stay in the game. Plus, they’ll need to be quick to secure a color spot before someone else gets there first and forces them to try and find a less-than-ideal alternative spot.

How to Play

Large inflatable dice direct users which hand or foot needs to be placed where on the mat. For example: if the dice show “left hand, purple dot,” players follow that direction and cannot move it until the left hand is called out again. As the game goes on, students become intertwined reaching for the next spot without falling down and being knocked out of the game. Winner is the one still standing at the end!

Complete Set includes 1 mat (10’L x 10’W), 2 ea 2’L x 2”W dice, and anchor pegs.