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BALLance PRO Stability Ball Chairs

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Twice as thick as the original BALLance, this is the best stability ball chair on the market!

Encourage movement in your classroom without compromising a studious environment. BALLance Pro Stability Ball Chairs offer all the benefits of an active classroom, such as increased performance and focus, without disrupting other students. Four feet prevent the chairs from rolling when not in use and make storage a breeze, and they retract to provide instability and core engagement during use.

The BALLance Pro is twice as thick as the original BALLance chair, equipping it for even longer-lasting institutional use. Its heftier design, paired with latex-free, burst-resistant material up to 500 lb, stands up to everyday wear and tear in the classroom. A textured top provides traction and comfort. The highly-durable design is perfect for use on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, while the lightweight construction is easy to transport wherever it's needed for added spacing and learning accommodations. When used outdoors, it is recommended to wipe the bottom of the chair frequently to remove any dirt or debris to protect indoor floors.

Two available sizes accommodate students of various heights and grade levels. Choose Elementary (45 cm) for students up to 4'8"H, Jr (55 cm) for 4'8" to 5'4"H students, or Secondary (60 cm) for 5'5" to 6'H students. Outfit your classroom with Rainbow Sets of 6, or mix it up with Individual Blue or Black colors.