Gopher Exclusive Moving Minds Exclusive Product

AssessPro Rep-Addition Curl-Up Tester

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The easiest, most efficient way to count completed curl-ups and promote proper form.

A truly revolutionary way to measure a sit up test, this device features a superb counter mechanism with a large, easy-push button, audible repetition feedback, easy-to-read display, and multiple count up/down functions. A nonslip rubber footpad creates security on any surface.

Eliminate Errors, Bad Reps

Reps will not count until students’ chests come in contact with the high-precision sensor in the console. This only occurs when students meet a full range of motion, which serves to eliminate bad or unsure reps.

This feature also means there will be no more counting errors while counting Presidential Fitness Test sit ups. A digital screen clearly displays reps and time for simple and accurate results. Teachers and students will no longer make counting errors, or count bad reps.

Quality Design

The tester is made of a flexible material that will collapse under the pressure of a user’s body weight if a student tires out and fails a rep. Others on the market are made with a metal or solid hard foam, neither of which will collapse, leading to serious potential injury when users become more exhausted. The primary material of the device is a TPR rubber, the same material used as the sole of athletic shoes. It is built for heavy-duty, repeated use.

 Each tester nests together for more compact storage, opening up more space in your gym closet. Its adjustable height conforms and adapts to all ages and user sizes. Move it up for longer-limbed users, or down for shorter users.