ACTION! ToppleTubes Set

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Unique 2-color tubes are small in size, but BIG on versatility and durability!

Incorporate these patent-pending, one-piece rotomolded vinyl tubes into a multitude of activities with all ages! Use them in P.E. games for elementary students, fitness routines for older students or athletes, or simply add them to an existing activity with any age for variety and a fun new challenge! 

For their primary activity, simply scatter ToppleTubes throughout the activity area, in no order or color pattern. At the signal, players race to flip them so their team's color is to the top. The team with the most standing tubes with its color "up" at the end of the game wins! 

Turn Over the Fun

During Topsy-Turvy ToppleTubes, place ToppleTubes on end around the playing area. Be sure that 12 have the blue end up and 12 have the yellow end up. Class is divided into two teams and designated either blue or yellow. On the signal, players run from tube to tube flipping so that their team’s color is on top. Teams earn points for each tube that is their team color up. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Unique Components

All tubes are made with a vinyl material so they are sturdy, yet soft and lightweight so they are appropriate for all ages. They have hexagon-shaped ends that narrow in the center, which helps aid grip and comfort. They measure 8.5”H x 4”D. The tops are flat and even so they can be set up without tipping.

Complete Set includes 24 tubes, 1 VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, and activity instructions with multiple activity and fitness options.

Exciting Game Options

Place 4 ToppleTubes in a row in each team’s lane for ToppleTubes Relay. Designate a starting point. Teams line up behind their starting point. On signal, the first player from each team runs to the end of his or her lane and flips the ToppleTube to the opposite color. Once they flip it, they run to the next tube and flip that one as well. Play continues until all four tubes have been flipped and all players are at the starting point. The team that completes this first wins.

The objective of Target Practice ToppleTubes is to knock over the tower of ToppleTubes in the fewest number of throws. Stack the tubes in a pyramid and mark a throwing line 5'-15' from the pyramid of tubes, based on skill level of players. Players take turns throwing balls at the pyramid of topple tubes attempting to knock it over in one throw. Points are earned by each player based on the number of throws to knock the pyramid over.

During Partner Shuffle, students shuffle toward their partner’s tube and the first player to the partner’s tube wins.

Additional individual shuffling exercises allow students to use these for agility exercises. The instructions provide you with a number of different ways to arrange the tubes in order to create an effective agility course.