ACTION! SturTee Game Set

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Knock your opponents' ball off their SturTee before they get yours with this fun target games!

Get the entire class involved taking aim at the other team’s beach balls while protecting their own—a perfect blend of attacking and defending! The included target games for Physical Education are perfect for any class size and range from whole-class activities to small group games.

Original Games

Keep players moving with games unlike anything else your students have ever played. In aim games like SturTee Knock Down, players divide into 6 equal teams and choose a color. Set up the court as a rectangle with 3 colors vs 3 colors (each team playing the team directly across from them). Place a ball on top of each ball holder. On the signal, offensive players cross the center line of the court with a foam ball and try to knock the other team’s ball off the ball holder. Offensive players can use only their team color ball and they may not enter the defensive area. Players score a point when they knock the ball off the holder. The first team to score 10 points or the team with the most points after a predetermined amount of time wins.

Sturdy Equipment

This pack is made to be as convenient for teachers as possible. It includes all the items needed to play, including the unrivaled SturTee Ball Holder. This lightweight stand is easy to use and makes a great addition to many games and activities. The molded, one-piece construction will stay in place during play thanks to the weighted base and 4 rubber feet.

Complete Set includes 6 Rainbow SturTee ball holders, 6 Rainbow SturTee Beach Balls (18” dia), 24 foam balls, 1 VersaBag Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.

Additional Activities

This pack features 2 more games that will get your whole class involved and playing for a whole class session.

To play SturTee Dodgeball, players aim to place their team’s ball on the ball holder 10 times. Divide players into 6 teams. Teams line up opposite of each other, with 3 teams on each side of the play area. The teams play the team directly across from them. On the signal, players run or pass the beach ball, trying to advance it toward ball holder. Defense players throw foam balls at the opponent with the beach ball. If the player is hit, they must return to their area and start over. Players score 1 point each time the ball is placed on the holder.

Last SturTee Standing: In this game, the SturTee holders are placed on one end of the playing area with a 10' boundary line between them and the rest of the playing area. Students are divided into 6 equal teams and each is then designated a rainbow color. One player is the goalie, who takes position in front of their ball holder. On the signal, the rest of the players attempt to knock their opponents’ beach ball off the holder by throwing foam balls. Offensive players may cross the boundary line only to retrieve foam balls. The last team with a ball standing receives one point. The team with the most points after the end of 5 rounds wins.