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ACTION! SquaredOff Set

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Teams square off in a race to drop 1 bar at a time and complete as many squares as possible in this indoor team building game! 

During SquaredOff indoor team building games, a player from each team races to the other end with a bar and connects it to 1 of the 4 corners already in place with his/her team's color facing up. Players race back and tag the next player who races down to place the next bar. Each bar has to connect to what is already in place, and once a team completes a square, a beanbag (with the team's color facing up) is placed inside it. Each square equals 1 point, and the team with the most squares at the end of the game wins!

Critical Thinking and Strategy Skills

Students will have to think fast and act quickly to make a square and rack up points for their team during a game of ACTION! SquaredOff! This game requires students to work together as a team to formulate their strategy, then adapt on the fly if the other team foils it. Players will have to observe the playing field, think critically, and make a move that benefits their chances for points, while also blocking their opponents. And, it all has to be done instantly—time is working against teams, especially with their opponents vying for points.

Divide players into 2 teams and give each team 30 SquaredOff bars during SquaredOff Connection Point. 1 player from each team races with a SquaredOff Bar in hand. Each player places his/her bar with the team color facing up and must stem off another bar. After placing a bar, that player races back to his/her team and the next player goes. Teams attempt to form a complete square. After creating a square, teams collect a beanbag and place it in the middle of the complete square with their team’s color facing up. Teams continue until all 60 bars are placed in the playing area. Each team's claimed square is 1 point. The team with the most squares wins.

Everything You Need

Each 6” sq beanbag features a red side and a blue side. They are double stitched for institutional strength and durability. SquaredOff Bars and Corners are constructed of a polyvinyl and will stay in place on the ground thanks to their tacky design.

Complete Set includes 4 corners, 60 bars (12"L x 2-1/2"W), 25 beanbags (6" sq), 1 VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, and activity instructions. Mesh storage bag helps make transferring and storing sets easy and convenient. Beanbags also come with their own drawstring storage bag for compartmentalized storage.

Game Variations

Each game variation played presents brand new opportunities for students to think critically and work together. As team communication grows students will find themselves working together to set up combo chains, communicate quickly about the playing field, and adapt their plays as a team.

During SquaredOff Game Changer, 1 player from each team races to the playing area with a SquaredOff Bar in hand. Once that player is back, the next player may go. Players may either take a new bar with them or flip one of their competitors’ bars. After completing a square is one team’s color, that team may place a beanbag in the center of that square and those bars can no longer be flipped. Play continues until all of the bars are used. The team with the most squares wins.

SquaredOff Turn Over begins with the bars arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. On signal, 1 player from each team races to the playing area to flip a bar to his/her teams color in order to complete a square. Once back, the next player may go. When a square is complete, a beanbag is placed in that square. Players cannot flip pieces that are from a complete square. Play continues until no more can be flipped. Each claimed square is one point.

ACTION! SquaredOff Options

ACTION! SquaredOff is available in a complete set. Additional beanbags, bars, and corners also available separately.

  • Complete Set
  • Individual Components
    • SquaredOff Beanbags
    • SquaredOff Bars and Corners
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